Meeting day in Magma Geopark

Spend a motivational day in Magma Geopark with your team. We have sketched a one day meeting package with lighthouse tour and quality food based in Egersund.


  • Transportation
  • meeting facilities
  • lunch and coffee during the meeting
  • guided tour to Eigerøy lighthouse
  • dinner at the lighthouse

Ask for optional itinerary if your group is interested to stay overnight, have a meeting for several days or if you want to add team building activities to the day.

  • 07:54 Departure from Stavanger with the local train

  • 09:10 Arrival to Egersund, a transport to Grand Hotel Egersund

  • 09:30 Starting the meeting programKl

  • 10:30 Coffee break

  • 12:00 Lunch served at Grand Hotel

  • 13:00 Transport to Eigerøy, the lighthouse island

  • 13:30 Guided tour to the majestic Eigerøy lighthouse

  • 16:00 Traditional local fish soup served in the lighthouse guards house

  • 18:00 Transport from Eigerøy to the trainstation

  • 18:21 Departure back to Stavanger

  • 19:10 Arrival Stavanger

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