The package invites you to discover the past of Magma Geopark. You will explore areas geology, nature and historical highlights that have characterizing the area during time.

The trip will be like a jump back to the Norwegian heritage history and bring you millions of year back in geological time!


  • Guided trip to the Eigerøy Lighthouse, visiting the centre of a huge magma chamber where the temperature for 1 billion years ago was 10 times boiling water. We also visit the lighthouse that was its first of its kind in Norway.

  • Lunch at Grand Hotel, Egersund

  • Time to enjoy the local shops of Egersund.

  • Chocolate factory, Egersund is a sweet traditional location where humour and quality are mixed together in new exciting chocolate combinations.

  • Smart guide trip in Egersund. You download Magma Geopark app to your smartphone and enjoy and learning through your smartphone.

  • Bus trip to Sogndalstrand- On the way to Sogndalstrand we will drive through the special anorthosite landscape. The same rock that the surface at Moon are maid of. The village is a cosy old wooden coast village with 300 years of exiting stories.

  • Dinner at Sogndalstrand Kulturhotel. The historic hotel with a historic unique character, serves you local tasty specialities like salmon or wild sheep.


  • Walking trip to the secret valley only able to visit by walking on narrow steep trail, following the coastline on a 6000 years old wave platform.

  • Lunch-Hotel Sogndalstrand Kulturhotel.

  • Boat sightseeing trip and dinner at the idyllic old fishing village Nesvåg, with delicatessen from the sea. During the boat trip, Magma Geoparks special geological items and viking legends will be discovered along the dramatic coast. Possibility to fish
    Alternative in case of rough sea

  • Biketrip to Blåfjell and the ”rocking stone”- Biking to the old ilmenite mine Blåfjell along the old mines railroad. Guided visit to the mines where 90.000 tons of ore were exported in the periode 1862 to 1875. The rocking stone, here you can move 75 tons with your hands.

  • Dinner- Hotel Sogndalstrand Kulturhotel. Local specialities that you haven’t tasted before


  • Bus transfer to the famous Jøssingfjord to visit the ”Altmark incident” location, the incident that Hitler used as an excuse to attack and occupy Norway.

  • Exploring the old power plant station and learn about 100 years of industry history exiting new industry discovering’s and the Jøssingfjord Centre project.
  • We also visit the Helleren old Houses (early 1800s): preserved wooden houses, under one of Norway’s larges rock shelter and learn about the geology of the fjord.

  • Guided walking trip to Hellersheia with magnificent views trip through the anorthosite landscape with glacier traces from the last Ice Age

  • Spectacular scenery lunch during the hike

  • Visiting Rossland God, head-shaped stone carved in the iron age. This replica of the original stone head is the only of its kind in Norway. Archaeological guided trip in the field exploring the iron age remains.

  • Dinner at the Egersund Grand Hotel.

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