14th October 2016 – 18:00

Sokndal church – Rogaland

A preparatory project for a future event in Jøssingfjord.

Hartmut Warm (Hamburg) –     Pål Thjømøe (UNESCO Magma Geopark)

Bodil Victoria Arnesen, sopran   –     Martin Spindler, piano

“Harmonice Mundi Iovis” – The world of Jupiters Harmony – an ingenious astronomical composition of Günter Bergmann in the orchestral version «Symphonia astronomica» by Martin H. C. Spindler

and compositions of Franz Schubert, Robert Schumann a.o.

In cooperation with Sokndal community/sokn, Magma UNESCO Global Geopark and the Ambassy of the Federal Republic of Germany