The geopark location called “Trollpikken”, which in Norwegian is “the Troll´s penis”, lies between Kjervall and Veshovda in Magma Geopark – Eigersund municipality.

The Trollpikken has been erect since the end of the last Ice Age – almost 10.000 years! Trollpikken is one of the most famous rock formation in the Rogaland County together with other three: The Pullpit “Prekestolen”, Kjerag (the rock) and The Troll’s tongue “Trolltunga”.

All four are part of the Regional tourist system for the common strategic promotion of the geological heritage of Rogaland County.

Trollpikken is considered to be the funniest of the four “tourist rocks” attractions.

During the night of Saturday June 24th 2017, the rock formation fell victim to an act of vandalisme. It was broken lose at its base with mechanical force and the use of tools. That same morning, the projecting stone boulder, with a weight of 12 tons, was found lying intact right below its foundation.

To get the formation back in place, three holes were drilled into the block and the foundation. A 10 m high and 2.2 tons’ framework was put up around the block to support the hoists. Subsequently, straps were attached around the stone and it was lifted into place. Three iron bars, each 4 m in length, were led through the holes in the block and into the base. In a final step the fracture zone was reinforced with a curing epoxy (glue).

The Magma Geopark job, focused on increasing the people awareness’s on the geological heritage uniqueness, caused the immediate fundraiser campaign which was initiated to raise Trollpikken again. Quickly the target of 125.000 Euro was reached, thanks to the big contribute of the Eigersund Municipality.

On July 6th, a local construction firm started the restoration and around 17:00 o´clock the following day Trollpikken was re-erected once more – only 14 days after the vandalism! If Trollpikken wasn’t known before, it certainly was known now!

Trollpikken,  has through the summer occurred as a popular phenomenon, both on a local, national and international scale. Magma Geopark cooperates with Dalane Outdoor Association and Eigersund municipality to develop a sustainable use of the area. This autumn, informational signpost about the geology and the area will be developed.