Magma Geopark



GEOfood is the official label of food produced in a European UNESCO Global Geopark. To achieve the credit to call your product GEOfood you must be able to confirm that the food is produced inside a Geopark, and you must be able to tell the story of the product and the geological area it is produced in.


GEOfood is the official brand of local food and restaurants in a UNESCO Global Geopark. Only a recognized UNESCO Global Geopark can be allowed to use the GEOfood brand and criteria. The membership must be requested to Magma Geopark and each Geopark is responsible for the correct use and development of the brand in its area.  Many UNESCO Global Geoparks have already asked to use the brand for their products and restaurants. GEOfood is a registered brand in the Norwegian National Register. 


Magma Geopark has signed agreements with two restaurant in Egersund municipality which are keen on using the GEOfood criteria offering plates made by raw material coming from the Geopark. The aim is to raise the awareness about geological heritage and the importance of geodiversity for the food production. To reduce the CO2 emissions for the food consumption is also an objective.



Magma Geopark through the GEOfood wants to valorize local producers and products to strength the cooperation within each other and help to create new job possibilities. 


Hos Veli and Grand Hotel Egersund will serve GEOfood plates with information regarding the geological heritage and the connection with the food production.




To find out more about GEOfood, visit our GEOfood webpage.