Magma Geopark


Borghi d’ Italia Italian shooting crew in Magma Geopark

Borghi d’ Italia Italian shooting crew in Magma Geopark

Borghi d’ Italia Italian shooting crew spent more then three full days in Magma Geopark to start shooting for the RURITAGE  ( promotional movie about our wonderful Geopark, the  #GEOfood ( project and sustainable development with local producers and food providers. 

We spent a wonderful time all over the Geopark! The first day we visited Bjerkreim. There we were served good stories and delicious local food at Laksebørsen. We were shown spectacular mountain scenery, sheep and goat, as well as experiencing salmon fishing in one of Norway’s best salmon rivers.The second day we visited Eigerøy lighthouse, tasted the GEOfood at Grand Hotell Egersund, explored Egersund Chocolate Factory and visited the unique Egersund Fayancemuseum . We learned more about how to develop local resources in a sustainable and creative way at Aurora’s Woollocal workshop.  The third day we started our tour at Ualand where Ollestad Kjøtt presented pigs as sausages and “free rangers”. Afterwards we got a guided tour at Lund Bygdemuseum and Cultural Bank, we saw their exhibition of pillows and explored their unique apple garden! After a lovely lunch at Cecilies Konditori at Moi we headed towards Flekkefjord. There we got a guided tour among beautiful wooden houses and great street art by Flekkefjord museum, before we had a spectacular workout at Flekkefjordbanen!4th and last day of filming in Magma Geopark became a great, rich and a wee bit wet experience! We started in spectacular Jøssingfjord where views were admired and stories were told. Afterwards we got a close encounter with the protected black bee at Løvås and curious wild sheep. Johnny Nesvåg served us a wonderful lunch at idyllic Nesvåg; fresh shrimps. After lunch we got to explore Magma from sea when Johnny took us in his protected ship Sjødis from Nesvåg to Jøssingfjord – and back. In the afternoon we got to test out harvesting, and tasting, of seaweed in Mong with  Fiskbyk The day ended in cozy Sogndalstrand with lovely local food served at Sogndalstrand Hotel.A huge thank you to all our stakeholders and partners who hosted us well and shared so much time, stories, smiles and care with our guests! Can’t wait to see the final result!


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