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Active projects

The project ESTEAM comes out from the personal experience and needs of science teachers. We know that learning programs and the learning process are getting more and more comprehensive, fast and demanding.

The traditional way of teaching is slowly losing its force. Modern, contemporary and fun ways of teaching with modern technologies included in learning process are looked for. They should be fun and adapted to ICT technologies. Internationalization is promoted and there is also increased use of digital learning, possibly in combination with teaching in the field.

The ESTEAM project aims to improve the quality of teaching-learning in the school system through an innovative method (teaching methodology, toolkit & users experience space (virtual & nature)) that links National curriculum goals in natural science education with developing of mobile teaching/users experience platform (ICT) in combination with outdoor activities. Additionally, development and findings will result in Guide for Teachers in Natural Science Education – ESTEAM methodology Step by step guide.

General objective is to improve the teaching process in combination of ICT technologies and outdoor activities.