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Nordic Culture Fund – GEOmuseum

Nordic Culture Fund – GEOmuseum

The project aims to develop GEOmuseum to disseminate the geological and cultural heritage in the Nordic Region. The project contribute to developing four museum concepts which would share the geological and cultural heritage of the Nordic Countries. Magma UNESCO Global Geopark and partners got funds from Nordisk Kulturfond to support the development of the four GeoMuseums storytelling, designing the materials and appearances, promotional materials, exhibition web page, app and opening events.
The partners in the project are Jardfeingi Faroese Earth and Energy Directorate (Faroe Islands), Ilulissat Icefjord UNESCO World Heritage Site (Greenland) and Katla Geopark (Iceland).
The GEOmuseum aims to valorize and disseminate the geological and cultural heritage of the Nordic Countries within educational and cultural itineraries displayed in the partner’s exhibition center. The main outcome of the project has been to set up GEOmuseum branded module to be duplicated in the Geoparks around the World. The project outcome has been the organization of four pilot GEOmuseum for the dissemination of the cultural heritage and the geological common processes of the Nordic countries involved. The GEOmuseum is provided with a GeoVR virtual corner provided with equipment for en immersive unique experience around Europe that can be joined by each Geopark.


Nordisk kulturfond


Faroes National Museum GEOmuseum exhibition


Magma UNESCO Global Geopark GEOmuseum and geoVR virtual exhibition



Katla UNESCO Global Geopark GEOmuseum

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