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geoVR is developed through funds from Rogaland County Regional Development Fund, Drifting Apart, NORA and Nordisk Kulturfond, and is opening the worlds geological history to a brand new audience using pictures, illustrations, sounds, technology and interactivity.
An innovative Content Management system, manuals and tutorials allows users to self-upload pictures and contents into the platform.
geoVR is an international concept developed by Magma UNESCO Global Geopark and Doublethink, aiming to make geological and cultural heritage accessible to all. The geoVR exhibition is now available at the Magma Geopark office in Egersund, and in all the project’s partners: Faroes, Iceland, Scotland, Russia, Canada. The territories promote each other in the virtual platform through the users’ interactive experience.
Geology is the key to understand how our planet has developed, and geoparks all over the world provide a never ending source to knowledge and reflection. Experiencing geology through virtual reality will provide a new and unique dimension to this exploring.

Territories are visible here: (norsk) (engelsk)

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