Magma Geopark


Go for a hike, learn and taste Magma Geopark

Go for a hike, learn and taste Magma Geopark
In a wonderful sunny day we have mounted the info panels for our Geopark localities 34,43 and 44 : Hidraheia Kjørsfjellet ,Gården Li ,UrstadGruve.
At the parking lot there are now information about the hike, the geological heritage, minerals and Geoparks landscape. Other information describing the rock falls and the geoheritage of the area are also available along the trail.
Local products made with love by the Fisdel farm GEOfood partner are for sale inside the wooden house just in front of the information panel.
As UNESCO Global Geopark we inform about local nature, geology and promote sustainable businesses.
Thanks to the Environmental Department for special support!

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