Magma Geopark


Guide course

Guide course

As part of the tourism investment in Magma Geopark, it is a great pleasure to be able to invite you to a Guide course at the adventurous Sogndalstrand Kulturhotell 19.-20. March. Both business and municipalities are now working well together to develop the area based on our valuable UNESCO status. The UNESCO status is of course about geology and landscape, but not least also about our culture, traditions, and history. It’s about animal and plant life and unique food experiences. It’s about intense nature experiences and tuff activities. To achieve our goals, we rely on enthusiastic communicators / guides who can help create the unique experiences and tell the good stories. We want to establish a network of guides who will be important and necessary pieces in the tourism investment in Magma Geopark. The course is suitable for you who are already working with guiding and experiences or who may consider doing so in the future. This invitation is sent to both private individuals and companies that we believe may be relevant. Attached is an invitation. Limited number of seats. Thanks to Ruritage project, Action 2.3.10 

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