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Lakeland Finland – “Sustainable Destination Congress” 

Lakeland Finland – “Sustainable Destination Congress” 

The 18th of January Magma Geopark presented the organisation, the projects and the network  at the  “Lakeland Finland – Sustainable Destination Congress” The congress was  organized by Lahden seutu – Lahti Region Ltd, the organization in charge of our geopark management.The congress brings together hosts and communities, tourism professionals, sustainability experts and entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and increase the awareness of sustainability issues and sustainable tourism practices.Tourism provides a perfect venue to promote sustainable development due to the special relationship between tourists and their host communities. Visitors can interact with hosts to increase their awareness while visiting natural areas and authentic historical sites while bringing tangible economic value and employment creation in local environments. The changing travelling atmosphere and new forms of socialization are changing the behaviors of tourists and their expectations.

Programme and details are here

At minute 5:34:00 you can look at the presentation by Magma Geopark here.

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