Magma Geopark


Magma Geopark got the Eco-lighthouse certificate!

Sustainability is one of the key areas in Magma Geopark’s work, which is why we chose to initiate the process to get an Eco- Lighthouse certification earlier this spring. This means that we have gone through our business routines and have taken the necessary steps to become a more sustainable, profitable and efficient company. Today we are pleased to announce that Magma Geopark has received the Eco- Lighthouse certification!

This means that we will be more aware of how we select our partners and suppliers, set higher requirements for the products we choose and, not least, revise internal procedures for more efficient operation. This is to be a continuous process, where we will periodically evaluate the effectiveness of our routines and make sure to apply environmental tips that are relevant to us.

It is also worth mentioning that the Eco- Lighthouse certification complies with several of the UN’s sustainability goals, which are central to all activities in Magma Geopark. Eco- lighthouse certification provides specific tools for making effective and profitable environmental improvements in areas such as work environment, waste management, energy use, procurement and transport, where relevant topics such as food waste and plastic are included. Figures from the Eco- Lighthouse Customer Survey 2018 among private companies show that it pays to incorporate sustainability into business strategy and daily operations.