Magma Geopark


Magma geopark presents the GEOfood MANIFESTO!

The GEOfood MANIFESTO has been developed in the course of the last three months by Magma Geopark team with the support of Naturtejo UNESCO Global Geopark and thanks to the cooperation with the Future Food Institute. The idea of establishing a “MANIFESTO” for the increasing interest on the GEOfood brand came from the necessity to clearly define the reasons why there is a need for common actions related to local food within the UNESCO Global Geoparks.

The GEOfood brand, which is reserved to already recognized UNESCO Geoparks territories, aims to promote concrete actions to support innovative sustainable agricultural practices around the World. UNESCO Global Geoparks are committed to the Agenda 2030 and to the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals. GEOfood can specifically contribute to the achievement of the SDG’s, for instance through the support to good health practices, increasing the implementation of km-zero food, supporting small and medium local enterprises, increasing the awareness of the importance of the food industry in the climate change scenario.

The GEOfood members have to commit themselves to certain rules to certify companies which need to develop productions in line with environmental European standards. The GEOfood MANIFESTO, which will be translated and adopted to all the GEOfood branded producers and members, states the “vision and its philosophy”, the “mission”, the “goals” and the concrete “actions” to be adopted in order to reach the UN SDG’s.

The MANIFESTO is the result of international and local consultations which give staff and stakeholders of Magma Geopark the possibility to share ideas and international point of view. The project RURITAGE plays an important part in the regeneration of the GEOfood concept and allows to upgrade it to a higher level.