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Network meeting regarding GEOfood

Network meeting regarding GEOfood

An important activity in the work of creating a good network within producers and restaurants is to arrange network meetings.On 25 May, Magma Geopark arranged a gathering at Maritim Fjordhotell in Flekkefjord. A total of 18 people were gathered and the main theme of the gathering was the concept: How to make a food trail in our geopark?The interest among the producers was high, as this will generate additional income.The focus of the trail will be to highlight farm history, the geological heritage and how to run a farm in this part of the country.The idea behind the meeting was to start the process of developing the concept. The project manager will take a count on 1 September to find out how many people will be involved in developing this concept. The concept plan for the food trail will be completed by January 2022. Prior to the meeting, several of the partners had handed in ingredients to the chef and during the meeting we were served a two-course meal consisting of lamb from Søya Gaardsutsalg, herbs and vegetables from Livet paa Fidsel and dairy products from Dalane Mat. After dinner, there was a good chat between the partners regarding the exchange of experience.This way of sharing experiences will be the key to the success of GEOfood.

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