Magma Geopark


Re-opening of Jentehytta

On Sunday August 23rd an official re-opening of Jentehytta was held at Gursli in Lund. The upgrade of Jentehytta is a result of good cooperation between Lund Municipality, Lund Bygdemuseum and Kulturbank, Dalane Friluftsråd and Magma Geopark.

Head of upbringing and culture Lise Moen and former mayor Olav Hafstad were present.

Museum manager Per Christoffer Salvesen told about Jentehytta and life as a miner in 1915 – 1920.

The re-opening itself was held by the mayor of Lund Hogne Skjerpe. 

Olav Hafstad guided the attendants in Gursli mine. 

Per Christoffer and Elvira Nikolaisen shares memories from the time she had lokal history as a chosen subject at school.