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Ruritage started 1. of June 2018 and is a four year project financed by European Commission H2020 Programme with a total budget of app. 18 Million Euro. The project with focus on enhancing cultural heritage as a driver for sustainable growth within the establishment of a new heritage -led paradigm able to transform rural areas into laboratories. The project  includes 39 partners from 14 different countries. Leader is the University of Bologna and Magma will function as one of the six replicators in this project exploiting its experience and learning from other partners in each area of interest detected: pilgrimage, local food production, migration, resilience, art and festivals and integrated landscape management.

In particular, but not only, Magma will take advantage of the already established GEOfood brand, and work towards getting it more integrated in our geopark, learning from other territories how to engage local stakeholders and marketing the brand.

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