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The new website about ringing stones is published

The new website about ringing stones is published

We have now started the work of documenting ringing stones in Norway, in cooperation with the music archaeologist Gjermund Kolltveit. The first stones are posted on this website. Ringing stones, singing stones, ringing rocks are known by many names. The most commen work in Norwegian is klokkesteiner (bell stones). These stones sound like bells when struck by smaller stones. The stones are aften connected to traditions and legends, and we are eager to collect these stories and local tales. The core area for bell stones seems to be Magma’s area, but we still register material from all over the country. The website introduces the phenomenon of ringing stones, also from an international view. We also include non-ringing klokkesteiner that are connected to legends, usually about church bells. Thus, the topic gets wider horizon, and may be summarized as ‘stones, oral tradition and meaningful sound.’ The project is supported by the Arts Council Norway and Norsk senter for folkemusikk og folkedans. The web site will be bilingual, Norwegian and English, and the English text will be ready soon.

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