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The Tide is Changing Art Programme

The Tide is Changing Art Programme

An art programme on the connection between tides, industry and people.

The art programme, The Tide is Changing, examines the connection between tides, industry and people.

It has been created in a collaboration between curator Ida Højgaard and the commissioners Eigersund Næring og Havn and Magma UNESCO Global Geopark which aims to protect, educate on, and support the area’s geological heritage and diversity.This art programme stems from a common desire to promote art in the region and work with art as a focus area to offer unique nature and cultural experiences for both locals and visitors. New public artworks will stimulate new questions, reflections, and perspectives as to how we can live together with other species, as a whole, and get more people involved in Nordic geology and contemporary art.

The programme runs over 3-years and provides a framework for how artists can work with art in the tidal landscape and in the development of environmentally friendly sea areas. In 2020, an Art Committee was appointed. It consisted of nine members with a balance between artistic competence, project and planning skills, and local maritime and geological knowledge.

Three Nordic artists/artist groups have been invited to propose a potential site-specific artwork that relates to and create dialogue around this unique geological area and space around the harbour in Egersund, Norway (locally named ‘Byteltstomta’). The purpose of this competition is to generate ideas that will define the amphidromic point in the North Sea in a context characterised by a mix of interests and to examine new ways to develop communal urban spaces. It is crucial that the proposed project will revitalise the area, making it a vibrant, attractive, and inspiring meeting place for people in the heart of Egersund. The submitted ideas will be presented to the residents and visitors of Egersund.

It is supported by KORO Public Art Norway, Rogaland Fylkeskommune and Eigersund Municipality.The competition will run until August 2021.
The winning proposal is planned to be realised in October 2023.

—> See the competition programme here (only in Norwegian)

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