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Added Value Project

Added Value Project

Magma Geopark AS is a non-profit organization. The boundaries of the 2326 km2 geopark are administratively determined, but the municipalities are determined on the basis of the geology in the area. In this project, we will further develop the basis for the geopark and the collaboration with the local business community. Special efforts will be made to contribute to attractive local communities by developing activities for the population and tourists. The geopark sees an increasing tourism and wants to continue working with the 46 geopark sites that have been selected in collaboration with the municipalities. The goal is for all 46 geopark sites to have built up infrastructure by 2022 and to have at least 2/3 completed by the end of 2020 ( There are still some that are partially finished and that need updating and 26 that have not been worked up and need further measures. Mapping and quality assurance of sites and quality assurance of activities related to these with a view to race assurance. Prepare information materials, link activities, companies and present these in packages. Arrangement of two closed mines as attractions: Plan for safety, marking, and organization of visits to each of the relevant mines. So far, Gursli and Liland mines in Lund municipality, Blåfjell mines in Sokndal municipality and Ørsdalen mines in Bjerkreim municipality have become visitor mines. These three need maintenance, while a visitor mine will also be established at Hidra in Flekkejford municipality and at Ankerhus mine in Eigersund.

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