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GEOfoodEDU book and videos available

GEOfoodEDU book and videos available
The GEOfood initiative, led by Magma Geopark (Norway) based on the importance of local sustainable food resources and local communities aims at supporting UNESCO Global Geopark (the brand can be used only in these territories) in developing local connections focusing on the importance of local sourced food raw material and specific storytelling linked with geodiversity and culture.
Through storytelling, 32 UGGps increasing the awareness about sustainable agriculture and the Geopark´s geological heritage, creating new tourist opportunities deeply linked with peculiar, unique stories. To valorise these stories, Magma Geopark got granted from NORA (Nord Atlantic Cooperation Fund) and together with the Geological Survey of Faroes, Katla UGGp and Visit Greenland.
Two territories are not UGGp, so the use of GEOfood brand is not allowed, however the local food and link with the landscape and nature is very strong both in Greenland and Faroes due to the extreme climate living conditions so the goal of the cooperation was to strengthen the knowledge concerning the importance of the stories from local communities which are intangible part of our heritage and should not get lost.

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