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Magma’s ringing stone project

Magma’s ringing stone project

Earlier  November, Gjermund Kolltveit participated at the 11th Symposium of ISGMA (International Study Group on Music Archeology) in Berlin, with a poster presentation about Magma’s ringing stone project. The conference brought together music archaeologists from around the world. Some participated digitally, while surprisingly many were physically present at Humboldt Forum in the centre of the German capital. In addition to poster presentations, the conference included papers on new finds and new interpretations, workshops and concerts.

The poster entitled ‘—Geology meets culture history in online documentation of ringing stones’ was placed in a visible spot, on the door to the conference hall. In addition to text and various images, the poster showed the visual structure of the website.

During his introduction to the poster, Kolltveit demonstrated the structure of the site, and played a video recording from ‘Syngaren’ at Nedre Åmdal in Eigersund. Being one of the stones with spectacular sound, this aroused great enthusiasm. The poster and the verbal introduction were well received.

The website (technically linking to an address under Magma’s site) is now in operation with Norwegian and English text. The individual stones will be added continuously during the autumn and winter months. So far, we have more than one hundred stones on our list. Many of these are already documented, while others await documentation during the winter months, if not snow and frost want it different … In the spring we are planning a launch event. Stay tuned!

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