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The project is the result of a targeted investment in tourism in Magma Geopark that has been going on for years, as well as the EU project Ruritage which aims to develop local areas based on already existing values ​​and thereby increase local value creation.
The main goal of MagmaUNESCO2030 project  is to develop the geographical area Magma UNESCO Global Geopark into a year-round, sustainable destination: the municipalities working together to develop attractive offers and tourism infrastructure that provides more year-round traffic and increased local value creation.

Main deliveries: The tourism industry will be developed and treated as a growth industry in all UNESCO municipalities.

Main goals:

  • We will make decisions based on measurable results to increase efficiency and value creation.
  • We will create and implement a future-oriented strategy for digital transformation of tourism in the UNESCO municipalities in order to provide our guests with customized experiences.

We will provide the tourism actors in the UNESCO municipalities with competence as a tool for development, innovation and increased earnings.

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