Magma Geopark


Many tourists in Magma this summer

Tourism companies report good results

In June 2020, no tourism company knew what the summer would be like. It was a tough time for many with a lot of uncertainty. The tourism industry was the sector that was to be affected by the crisis the most. But despite the special situation, we now see that small towns in Magma did well with a lot of visits and good sales.

Hotels in Egersund and Flekkefjord report full rooms most of the summer. Shops and restaurants had a large increase, in Flekkefjord it was up to 60%.

Most visitors naturally came from the region, but also from other parts of Norway. Many Danes have taken the trip to Magma. From the end of July, we had also visitors from Germany.

In total, there were 1672 visitors at the tourist office in Egersund. This is an increase of more than 200 people from last year and the highest number of visitors in the last four years.

Activity providers in Egersund and Flekkefjord also report good activity and an increase of up to 50%, some of them had a record summer.

Many visited our tourism lighthouses

Parking statistics at Trollpikken indicates a sharp increase (3941 cars) compared to last year (2517 cars). Most visitors came in July and the increase in July was almost double compared to last year. 

This trend can also be observed in data from the website, where the landing page for the vacation package Trollpikken was the second most visited page with 5907 views. In total, there have been 118,000 page views throughout the summer, which is a full 219% more than the same period last year.

Our automatic counters show the following:

  • There were 8000 visitors to Eigerøy lighthouse (Eigersund municipality) since the beginning of May.
  • There were over 21,000 visitors to Helleren in Jøssingfjord (Sokndal municipality) this summer.
  • There were 4650 visitors to Hågåsen, Hidra (Flekkefjord municipality).

Nearly 100 persons have enjoyed our re-opened Via Ferrata Migaren since May this year. 

Overnight stays at Eigerøy lighthouse and Maurholen also had a significant increase.

Sources: statistics from tourist information in Egersund, Eigersund Parking, Småbyen Flekkefjord, observations from our local partners and data from our automatic counters.