Magma Geopark


Micro E-learning platform-Motimate

Micro E-learning platform-Motimate

The Micro E-Learning platform developed in the frame of RURITAGE, with support from all the Geopark´s municipalities is an interactive tool which allows local tourist providers, and anyone interested to learn about the Geopark.The contents are developed by experts and including information concerning tourists strategies for local stakeholders, information about the Geopark nature, geology and biodiversity, the Geopark´s Network, hospitality and guiding techniques, in the frame of the UN sustainable development goals.The target audience are the local stakeholders involved in tourism, local inhabitants, local tourism providers, anyone interested to know the area and to understand what an UNESCO Global Geopark is.The action allows everyone to get information and education regarding the rural heritage of the Geoparks, the strategies adopted for sustainable development and get involved as guide in the Geopark (the guided course will be run partly online and partly face to face). It is the first time that the Geopark and the municipality working together for a common educational online offer open and free for all with the aim of get the Geopark´s heritage better known and shared. The platform contributes to the RURITAGE plan thanks to its capacity to increase awareness about the natural and cultural heritage of the area, allowing inhabitants and policy maker to discover the Geopark´s potential and get inspired for innovative heritage based- regenerative actions.

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