Magma Geopark


New event calendar for all Magma municipalities!

It was decided this fall, in collaboration with representatives from all 5 UNESCO municipalities, that as part of the work we have started through the Ruritage project, we will present activities and events (concerts, festivals, etc.) in a common calendar located on Magma’s website. This calendar can be linked to by the municipalities, and a representative in each municipality is responsible for posting activities in the calendar.

The Magma calendar is in the same system as the Region Stavanger and USUS calendars. It is therefore possible to just enter the events in the Simpleview system and select all the right channels, and they will be published on Magma Geopark’s websites as well as on other regional and national platforms.

On June 19, a workshop was held for municipal representatives on how to register the events in the system. The calendar is now up and running and can be used by both locals and visitors:

(bilde: Arne Ove Østebrøt)