Magma Geopark


New international partner in GEOfood!

The international and Local brand for food products and restaurants is now present in 15 UNESCO Global Geoparks territories around the World! They are first UNESCO geopark in Uruguay and the first #GEOfood partner in South America! It is located in the “Departamento de Flores” within an area of 3600 km square: the agriculture is the first economic sector producing mostly meat, soya and grains. The Geopark strongly promote geotourism, geo-education, geoconservation and local development, supporting the numerous small and medium local food producers.  

The Geopark is characterised by more than 10 geosites of scientific and international relevance, and a dozen sites of interest: the soil fertility has been crucial for the development of prosperous agriculture along the history. Now the Geopark could benefit of an already established brand, criteria and MANIFESTO for stronger promotion of sustainable development practices, valorising local producers for a more equal agriculture!  

Welcome! Bienvenido!