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New panel about bumblebees and pollinators

New panel about bumblebees and pollinators

We have chosen bumblebees and day butterflies for this work because they have important ecological roles, and are also vulnerable to environmental changes and can thus act as a warning flag. With their eye-catching colors, size and behavior where they fly from flower to flower, these are insect groups that are easy to spot and that everyone has a relationship with.

In Norway we have 35 species of hops and approx. 100 species of day butterflies. Many of them can be easily determined by species, and with a little practice it is an affordable task to learn to identify most of them out in the field.

Many insects pollinate (pollinate) flowers. They are important both for the interaction in nature and for food production. For example, fruits and berries, peas and beans, but also coffee and cocoa must be pollinated.

The decline of these beneficial insects is on the agenda of the International Panel on Nature (Ipbes).

The habitats of the insects are under pressure. Anyone who manages an area, whether it is a garden, a roadside, a park or an agricultural property, can offer good habitats for the insects through proper planting and care.

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