Magma Geopark


Successful second GEOfood network meeting

On October 20th, Magma arranged the second GEOfood network meeting at Grand Hotel Egersund. We had several interesting presentations and later some stimulating discussions around the topic.  

We got presentations from Pål and Sara at Magma, Georg Fredrik Ueland from Nyyyt, Nicolai Ljøkjel and Jaume Padrisa from Eigra. During this meeting, several important tasks were highlighted that should be discussed further and incorporated into the main project. Among other things, it was mentioned that we need a clear model that suits everyone and agree on criteria. A test panel and a quality system were also mentioned as important to introduce in order to succeed with further branding. Several producers agreed that in the long run one should look at cheap and sustainable distribution channels for the sale of GEOfood products. After the presentations, there was a lot of good discussion about various issues that the producers face in their businesses, and thus the network is becoming an important arena for dialogue among local farmers who otherwise do not work together.  

As of today, there are 17 partners in the GEOfood network: 4 in the restaurant branch and the rest are products. This is a local network that also has value internationally – around the world there are 40 restaurants and 50 products with the GEOfood brand. In recent months, we have received good media coverage from both NRK Rogaland, Dalane Tidende and Jærradioen and we see that the brand is starting to get more and more attention among local residents.  

We thank all our partners for great attendance and we look forward to holding productive network meetings in the near future. We take the valuable feedback into consideration and prepare for a new meeting on December 2nd!

This collaboration between local producers is made possible as part of the project Ruritage.