What is Magma Geopark?

What is Magma UNESCO Global Geopark?

Magma UNESCO Global Geopark is a geographic area with a geology that has a major international importance, recognized by UNESCO, and where sustainable development plays an important role. Magma geopark is in a network of more than 160 UNESCO Global Geoparks in about 40 different countries on 5 continents and their representatives meet regularly. Although the background for a geopark is geology, really it’s all about the people – both locals and tourists, who are willing to explore, experience and share the vast possibilities of the natural and cultural attractions in the geopark!

There are 46 geological and cultural locations in the area for you to explore!

Why Magma?

The name ‘Magma Geopark’ refers to the fact that the vast majority of the solid rocks in the area has formed from molten rock – magma – about 930 million years ago! Large volumes of  magma crystallized to form the rock type anorthosite. On a global scale, it is a quite rare type of rock, yet everyone has seen it – that’s because the light parts of the moon consist of anorthosite!


Magma Geopark focuses on five key areas:

  • Adventure – guided tours (hiking, cycling, climbing)
  • Creativity/ Innovation – projects like virtual reality (GeoVR) exhibition, app and more
  • Culture – local food (GEOfood) and local products (GEOcraft)
  • Sustainability – cycling routes (GEObike), wholistic approach (‘Leave nothing but footprints’)
  • Enlightenment – educating on geological hazards, climate change and other relevant topics.

How to get there

Magma Geopark has its office in Egersund, Johan Feyers gate 2 (one-hour trip from Stavanger by train). Most of the sites you can visit on your own. If you would like to get more out of the tours, book a professional guide from Magma Geopark. In addition to hiking, we also arrange cycling, climbing and fishing tours – check out the offers on our booking system.

Why choose a guided tour?

•  You get a chance to explore the unique landscape recognized by UNESCO and visit some of the locations you had no idea existed here;

• We offer meaningful activities for soft adventure enthusiasts;

• We offer professional guiding, fun stories and interesting facts about our unique locations;

• We provide you exclusive access to some specific locations (where a guide is required – abandoned mining sites, lighthouse tower and more).