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Discover bird watching in Magma Geopark

Magma Geopark has a diverse and unique population of birds. Because of our location close to the ocean and the rest of the continent, there are many species of birds that passes through the geopark. Some of them even stay here. For instance you can meet the worlds fastest bird in Magma Geopark; Falco Peregrinus. When it dives for a prey it can fly in up to 400 km/h. The hubro Bubo Bubo is also one of the rare inhabitants in this geographic area. In the spring you can hear the male hubro court up to four kilometers away!

There is a very active bird community in Magma Geopark. NOF Dalane has a very informational website for those interested in events and also observations in the area.

Close to Eigerøy fyr they have a bird watching station, Eigerøy Fuglestasjon. There you can also find a list over all observed bird species in that area.