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Climbing and Via Ferrata

Climbing and Via Ferrata

Anorthosite and gneiss are both sustainable and solide magmatic rocks. They are highly suitable for climbing and bouldering. There are marked climbing routes all over the geopark, but especially in Eigersund and Sokndal. You will also find that there are many routes with bolts ready to use.

If you are in a good physical shape and have some experience in climbing you can get access to Via Ferrata Migaren and rent climbing gear at our office in Egersund.

In Magma we have got experienced and certified guides that can take you for an airy and unique view over Jøssingfjord in our Via Ferrata, Migaren, from first of June, open every day from 11-17.

 If you want to book, please send a mail or phone:

Bess Grastveit;

Bess Grastveit  +47 91847020

Price for access only: kr 100 per person

Price for the access to Migaren and gear: kr 300 per person


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Migaren difficult?

Migaren is a basic easy Via Ferrata, but like all other such trails involves some climbing and maneuvering. For an experienced climber, Migaren is easy, but for a person who has never climbed before, it will probably be experienced as a challenge – with a lot of mastery after completion! It is also possible to turn around if you feel that it will be too much to continue.

I have a little fear of heights – can I climb Migaren?

Migaren is a climbing trail. This requires that you have to go up the mountain wall. For some with a fear of heights this is too much, while for others it is a great feeling of mastery to complete the trail despite the fear of heights. Most people get a suction in their stomach when they go through the waterfall, but if you trust the equipment and manage to breathe calmly, you can get through easily. Tip: sit in the harness / lean as heavily as possible in the harness at a point early in the course. Then you trust the equipment when it comes to tougher parts.

Can we bring children in Migaren?

The smallest climbing harnesses we rent from Magma’s office are from approx. 40 kg. We recommend that children are 12 years or older before climbing Migaren. This is due to equipment, but also due to mastery of the course. It is of course possible to bring younger children, but remember that this is a climbing trip – not a hiking trail.