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Cycling in Magma Geopark

Discover Magma Geopark by bike

Experience our unique localities in Magma on a bike! Rent a bicycle at the Egersund tourist information. They also have e-bikes for rent.

Turist information phone:  +47 4 88 409

You will also find tips for routes at the tourist information office. We have brochures with maps and details:

– Egersund – Hellvik;

– Moi – Tonstad;

– Sokndal – Nesvåg (Blåfjell)

– Vikeså – Ivesdal

– Egersund – Koldal – Nodland

and more.

To get the full experience you can book one of our trained geopark guides for a guided GEObike tour. Get in touch by sending a mail to

Here you can cycle:

In the outfield:

  • you can cycle along roads and trails in the lowlands;
  • you can ride freely in the high mountains;
  • the road, trail or terrain you ride on must withstand such use.  Check if there are bike maps showing bike routes for the area.

On the inland:

  • you can cycle on roads and trails that lead to outfiled
  • you can break in the outfield at least 150 meters from the inhabited house or cottage.


Rules for large gatherings of people in the open air:

Organized outdoor gatherings are when groups of people practice outdoor activities together. For example, guided groups, tours organized by teams and associations, and various events such as open air concerts. It is not common to consider school classes and kindergartens as organized trips.
If organized traffic in the outfield where you expect it will cause harm or inconvenience to the landowner, the user, the nature or others who practice outdoor life (for example, over time in the same place), you should clarify it with the landowner. Setting up a written agreement helps prevent conflicts.

Outdoor meeting, sporting event (eg ski run or orienteering) and similar gathering which may cause significant damage or inconvenience, cannot be held without the consent of the owner or user for reasons where blocking, gathering, starting or income takes place or where people gathering otherwise, must be imputed.
A ski run, cross-country ski run or similar must be laid so as to avoid damage to forest rejuvenation and young forest and fence damage as far as possible.

You must get permission by the landowner:

  • if you are going to set up a block, gather people, have a start or an income;
  • where the confluence of people can cause significant harm or inconvenience.

This applies especially to outdoor meetings, sports events and the like others. Cyclists in races and riding clubs cannot avail themselves of the right to cycle and ride on the road and built up trail in the inland when the road or trail leads to the outfield.

When enjoying nature on a bike, remember to:

  • use trails that can withstand cycling;
  • avoid cycling on the most widely used hiking trails on foot;
  • ride at a speed that respects the others using the same path;
  • do not disturb wild animals and livestock in pasture;
  • take your rubbish with you.