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Fishing in Magma Geopark

Discover fishing in Magma Geopark

Magma Geopark is an eldorado for fishing; both in fresh and salty water. The coastline from Eigersund to Flekkefjord provides several spots for fishing from land. Within the entire geopark there are about 6000 lakes. Numerous of these are great for fishing.

 The geopark has a highly qualified guide in fresh- and saltwater fishing from land in our guide team. He has years of experience from fishing in this area, and he knows good spots for diverse species depending on weather and conditions. You can book a fishing trip with Øystein by contacting him directly.


Discovering the most popular fishes in the Geopark 

Will you fish in saltwater or freshwater?

I’m going to fish in the sea – in salt water
– from land:

  • you can fish from land in the outfield;
  • you can fish from land in areas open to ordinary traffic, such as an open dock or public pier.

– from boat:

  • you can fish from a boat;
  • you can fish from a boat with nets, ruffles and the like others, except for salmon, sea trout and sea char;
  • you can attach yarns, ruffles and the like others to the land in the outfield;
  • you cannot fish closer to the river / sea limit than 100 meters.

Please note that there are several other rules for fishing in the sea. Familiarize yourself with the rules for recreational fishing:

I will fish in water and rivers – in fresh water

Fishing in fresh water is a public right only for children under 16 years. They can fish for free in inland water for inland fish in the period 1 January – 20. August, except in watercourses with salmon, sea trout and sea char.

  • you can fish inland fish from boats and from land in the outfield if you have purchased a fishing license from the landowner. Children under 16 do not need a fishing license;
  • you can fish salmon, sea trout and sea char in waterways or with fixed gear in the sea if you have paid a fishing fee and bought a fishing license. Children under 18 do not pay a fishing fee;
  • you cannot fish closer to the river / sea limit than 100 meters.

Many places also have local fishing regulations, for example in watercourses with large trout.

When you enjoy nature on a fishing trip, remember to:

  • have a permit to fish or have a certificate showing that you are under 16 years old when fishing in fresh water;
  • do not use live fish as bait;
  • do not move live fish to other watercourses;
  • loop and wash the fish in the water you caught it in;
  • dry fishing gear, boots and waders before moving to another water, to avoid the spread of living organisms and fish disease;
  • do not disturb animal and bird life, especially during breeding times;
  • take your rubbish with you.