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Swimming in Magma Geopark

Discover swimming in Magma Geopark

The coastline in Eigersund, Sogndal and Flekkefjord invites you to go for a swim in the ocean. Because of our mild climate there is seldom ice on the sea, so swimming is an option all through the year. In Magma Geopark we have the unique Skadbergsanden. This is the only known Anorthosite beach in the world. You find it at Eigerøy, passing by it in on the way to Eigerøy Lighthouse. There are also beautiful beaches at Hellvik, and close to Brufjell you can find Sandvika, an impressive boulder beach.

There are more than 6000 lakes in Magma Geopark. Due to “Allemannsretten” the public have access to all nature in Norway, including these lakes. Be aware that some lakes are restricted as drinking water, and in the winter you must be cautious near our lakes because of thin ice and dangerous currents. 

In Egersund town we have Vannbassengene. You can follow the signs from Egersund sentrum. This is a popular area for recreation and exercise, and there are also two lakes adjusted for the public to swim and play in the water. There are also access for wheelchairs in one of these lakes.

Here you can swim:

In the outfield:

  • you can swim in the sea, in fresh water and rivers from boat or from beach, rocky mountains, islets, wooded coast, cliffs and so on;
  • you can swim in salmon rivers if you stay out of reach of the fishermen’s gear and do not swim so it reduces the possibility of catching.

When enjoying nature as a bather, remember to:

  • respect other bathers;
  • pay attention to fishermen and other users along waterways and streams;
  • keep a reasonable distance from the inhabited house or cottage;
  • avoid bathing in water that cattle use as a drinking water source;
  • avoid blocking the landowner’s access to the property from the waterfront;
  • do not disturb animal and bird life, especially during breeding times;
  • take your rubbish with you.

This is what the Outdoor Swimming Act says about swimming:

Everyone has the right to swim in the sea or in watercourses from a beach in the open land or from a boat when this occurs at a reasonable distance from the inhabited house (cabin) and without undue crowding or inconvenience to others.

Bathing places in Magma Geopark