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The geoVR – virtual reality exhibition


What is geoVR?

The geoVR is a new virtual reality concept that allows audiences of different ages and abilities to explore the history of the Earth through multi-dimentional pictures, illustrations, sounds, animations and interactivity. It’s exploring the geopark in a completely new and innovative way, accessible for everyone!


Background for the project

The geoVR is a group of projects run by Magma Geopark before and during the development of the DoubleVR Content Management system by Doublethink, a private ICT Company. The geoVR project, started in 2013 and was funded by several sources: European Commission, Rogaland County, UNESCO Norwegian Commission and Nordic Atlantic Cooperation Funds supported Magma Geopark in testing, adapting and launching the most innovative Content Management System for virtual reality ever made.

Participants and partners

At the moment we have 14 geoparks and other partners with active GeoVR exhibitions around the North Atlantic region:

  • Magma Geopark (Norway)
  • Trollfjell Aspiring Geopark (Norway)
  • Reykjanes Geopark (Iceland)
  • Stonehammer Geopark (Canada)
  • Kenozero National Park (Russia)
  • Shetland UGG (Scotland)
  • Lochaber geopark (Scotland)
  • Causeway Coast & Glens Heritage Trust (Northern Ireland)
  • Cabox Geopark (Canada)
  • Onego Pomorie (Russia)
  • Marble Arch Caves UGG
  • North West Highlands Geopark (Scotland)
  • Katla Geopark (Iceland)
  • Jardfeingi (Faroe islands)

Try it yourself!

You can come by our office in Egersund and have a look at the geoVR virtual exhibition; you can also try it at any of our partners’ offices listed above.

Want to know more?

We are located in Johan Feyers Gate 2, Egersund, Norway. Come by or send us a message by filling in the contact form below.

Would you like your own virtual exhibition?

If you like geoVR, you might wonder what else this concept could be used for. Indeed, the purposes are endless! Click the link below to find out how to become our partner or create a completely new exhibition that serves your purposes.

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