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About the concept

DoubleVR is an innovative platform which allows everyone to produce virtual reality experiences (virtual and/or augmented reality reconstructions on the background) and to add hotspots (text, pictures or videos) in the virtual landscape. The system has been planned in order to match several needs; the wish for simple virtual contents development affordable from everyone, the intention to make the geological and cultural highlights attractive for new generations and the idea to create a tool which allows disadvantaged groups access to the heritage making the experience as realistic as possible. In fact, the DoubleVR has endless possibilities to reproduce the reality; it can make the users travel within times, it enables them to cross the oceans and to walk on the unreachable mountain tops. Everything just simply within a laptop or a smartphone.

Through the DoubleVR each company, territory, association or single professional can create and tell its own story to the public and reach the widest audience possible. It has never been so easy to create and combine visual and text contents. Everyone can do it!

Double VR is a virtual reality concept that can be used for:

  • Educational purposes;
  • Interactive exhibitions;
  • Entertainment industry and more!

GeoVR is an example of how this concept allows audiences of different ages to explore the history of the Earth through multidimentional pictures, illustrations, sounds, animations and interactivity.

There are already 14 active GeoVR exhibitions in 7 countries, that use the DoubleVR CMS in order to promote their area. 


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Use of the software

If you would like to create your own exhibition with your own content, you can buy a license to use our Content Management System (CMS).

With a full license you will get:

   • 100 GB of storage (in real unlimited, since each project early exceeds 1 GB)

   • 1 TB streaming per month (should the list be exceeded, you will be billed for the excess).

   • Same day support via email

   • Access to reduced price upload / stitching and content production services from DT and Magma UGGp.

The conditions are as follows:

   • It’s a one time startup fee on 99€ to set you up in the system.

   • After that the licence is priced at 265€ pr month when signing up for a 12-month period.

   • After the 12-month period you can choose to renew the licence for another 12 months, or opt for a lower priced maintenance licence, where you will have access to your published content or additions with a reduced license.

   • Our support team at Doublethink will be able to help you for a fee.



Contact us using the form below.

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