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GEOfood is the label of local food and restaurants in a UNESCO Global Geopark. GEOfood is a registered brand in the European National Register.

Only a recognized UNESCO Global Geopark is allowed to use the GEOfood brand and criteria. In order to brand your product GEOfood you must be able to confirm that the food is produced inside a UNESCO Global Geopark, and follow the MANIFESTO values.

There are now 31 UNESCO Global Geoparks Worldwide, with more than 70 products and restaurants certified around the World.

Through GEOfood, Magma Geopark wants to valorize local producers and products to strengthen the cooperation with each other, increase the awareness about geological heritage within local people and help create new job possibilities.

Other local producers

Food- and tourist trails

There are many small producers of food and beverages within the Magma Geopark. Some of them welcome visitors. Visit the local restaurants in Magma Geopark that specialise in using local ingredients.

The Magma Geopark is rich in historical sites. This trail focuses on archaeology.
All sites along the trail are easily accessible.

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