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Moderate hike in Lund, 2,5 hours

How to get there

Municipality: Lund

Parking: From E39, Eide, follow 501. Turn right after 1,5km. After about 2 km turn left. Continue for about 2 km and then park on the right.

Accessibility: Moderate hike. Marked trails.

Duration: 2.5 hours

Special conditions:

  • Park at the parking place and show respect for private land.
  • Show respect to animals along the trail.
  • Don’t forget to close gates behind you so that animals would not get away.
  • Dogs have to be on leash.
  • Leave nothing but footprints!

Geology and nature

There is an impressive cairn at the top of Gullbergtua at 463 m above the sea level from where you’ll be able to see great views. The rocks here were formed very close to the top of the 7 km thick Bjerkreim-Sokndal layered intrusion. The rock here is a type of granite (called charnockite) that contains nine minerals, including significant amounts of quartz.

The view to the north and northwest is across bare, rounded, rocky outcrops that form the quartz-bearing rocks at the top of the layered intrusion; they extend for about 4 km in this direction. Near Røyseland farm, rocks left behind by melting glaciers at the end of the last ice age have been used to build a ski jump in the last century.

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