11. Reppen, Sogndal

The Bell Stone at Tausagøyma

Type: Stone with legend about church bells
Local name: Klokkesteinen

County: Vestland
Municipality: Sogndal
Location: Tausagøyma, between Reppen and Reppastøylen

The stone is located north of Reppen, east of the old road (Skirsetvegen). Before the road meets the river Senda, you find the stone about 250 meters below the road.

This stone is a bit more than a cubic meter, and today it is fixed in a root of a large pine. It is placed directly at the bedrock, and it might earlier have been a rocking stone.

Cultural history and tradition
A legend says that the stone moved or turned around when the church bells at Stedje Church in Sogndal rang. In the local history journal So sa han … for 2005 there is another story connected to the stone. It says that a pregnant woman one day, when she was picking berries, stopped by the stone for a rest. Suddenly a binne (she-bear) appeard, but she turned immediately when she saw the woman.

Sources: Kjell Magne Hillestad, and “Stølar og stølsliv i Sogndal – Utegløymde stølar”, in … So han sa … Lokalhistorisk årshefte 2005 (Sogndal sogelag, Fjærland sogelag), p. 7.

The stone is registered at the Place Name Archive of the County Archives in Vestland. The position at the map is taken from there.

Thanks to Kjell Magne Hillestad and Atle Bondevik for photo.

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