12. Håvardleite, Sogndal

The Bell Stone at Håvardleite

Type: Stone with legend about church bells
Local name: Klokkesteinen

County: Vestland
Municipality: Sogndal
Location: Håvardleite

Håvardleite is above the alpine border near the old road between Åberge (by Sogndalsfjøra) and the mountain pasture Turrli. The stone is found approximately 780 meters above sea level, not far from the border to municipality Luster, with a view towards Lake Hafslo.

This is a huge slab, around three meters high. It lies directly on the bedrock.

Cultural history and tradition
According to the tradition, the stone at Håvardleite turned around when it heard the church bells in Hafslo Church.

Thanks to Kjell Magne Hillestad for information and photo.

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