16. Halvveismyra, Larvik

The Bell stone by Hafallen

Type: Stone with legend about church bells
Local name: Smørbukken

County: Vestfold and Telemark
Municipality: Larvik
Location: Halvveismyra, by Smørbukkteigen, between Hafallen and Lunde, Vestmarka, Hedrum.

The stone is located along a footpath north of the farm Hafallen (along Vestmarkveien). Now (2021) the area is overgrown, but the stone is still visible a few meters on the west side of the path, about 500 meters northeast of Hafallen. A crossroads marked ‘Smørbukkteigen’ is located 120 meters south of the rock.

This is a giant boulder with a triangular or cone shape. Its height is approximately 6 meters, and the length and width is about 8 meters.

Cultural history and tradition
The boulder is located by the old church road through the forest from Hafallen to Lunde. It was called Smørbukken, and according to the tradition, it turns three times when it hears the church bells in Hedrum Church.

Sources: ‘Gamle veier til Hedrum kirke’ [Old roads to Hedrum Church] by Tor Bjørvik, in Hedrum and Lardal Menighetsblad, No. 3, 2019, pp. 32–33.

Thanks to Sylvelin Hege Sevilhaug.

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