22. Syngjesnuten, Bjerkreim

Syngjesnuten by Gravdal

Type: Ringing stone
Local name: Syngjesnuten

County: Rogaland
Municipality: Bjerkreim
Location: Syngjesnuten, Gravdal

Syngjesnuten is located at an altitude of 193 meters in Ognaheia on the lands of the farm Gravdal, approximately 600 meters northwest the Ogna Valley where river Ogna runs into lake Øvrabøvatnet— and 100 meters northeast of the lake Stølstjørna.

Syngjesnuten is a hill with three stone slabs that produce sound. They have all air underneath, but none of them have completely detached from the mountain. The top one (to the north-east) has an area of about 1 square meter, the two lower ones are both approximately 2 square meter. The upper one has a high-pitched and fairly clear tone, but little reverberation. The middle one provides a deeper tone with rich, bell-like reverberation. This is the one with the best sound. The lower stone slab also has reverberation, although not as clear. This one sounds best at the edge (and towards the north), while further in the sound is poor due to contact with solid rock.

Cultural history and tradition
Syngjesnuten is one of a number of local names in this cultural landscape. The landowner Rolf Gravdal (born 1964) has the knowledge of these names—including the Syngjesnuten—as a family tradition. The name Syngjesnuten is clearly related to the singing stones. Klongarsteina is the common noun Gravdal uses for singing or sounding stones (cf. no. 23, Klongershodlen).

In the audio recording, the top (and smallest) stone slab is heard first, then the middle one, and finally the bottom one.

Thanks to Rolf Gravdal.



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