23. Klongershodlen, Bjerkreim

Klongershodlen by Gravdal

Type: Ringing stone

Local name: Klongershodlen

County: Rogaland
Municipality: Bjerkreim
Location: Klongershodlen, Gravdal

Klongershodlen (204 m.a.s.l.) is located in Ognaheia on the lands of the farm Gravdal, approximately 200 meters northeast of Groliknuten and 200 meters southeast of Rypedalen.

This is a large square slab which is fixed firmly in the rock in the upper part, while the lower part protrudes from the rock so that a small space of air is formed underneath. The dimensions are approximately 3 X 2–3 metres, about 7 square meters. The slab is 5–6 cm thick at the outermost and bottom part. The air space underneath is also 5–6 centimeters. The sound—which is best at the edge, aboult 50 centimeters from the lowest corner—is formidable, reminding of the sound of church bells.

Cultural history and tradition
Klongershodlen is a local place name in this cultural landscape. The landowner Rolf Gravdal (born 1964) has the knowledge of these names and this stone slab as a family tradition. Klongarsteina is the common noun Gravdal uses for singing or sounding stones (cf. no. 22, Syngjesnuten). Place names starting with klong- or klung- might derive from cobweb, but in the case of Klungershodlen the meaning is probably klang (clang, sound). Klongershodlen can be difficult to find if you are not known locally in the area.

Thanks to Rolf Gravdal.




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