28. Byrtnes, Lom

The Ringing Stone by Byrtnes

Type: Ringing stone
Local name: Syngjarsteinen

County: Innlandet
Municipality: Lom
Location: Byrtnes, Tesse

You will find the stone on the west side of lake Tesse, at an altitude of 987 metres. From the main road along Vågåvatnet, take fylkesvei 51 towards Valdresflye. After 4.2 km turn right at the sign Brimiland. After approx. 4.3 kilometers there is a toll station, before the road continues south on the west side of Tesse. The stone is located north of the stream that runs down between Nordre and Søre Byrtnes, approx. 340 meters from the road. A good starting point is a small transformer station by the road (see photo).

This is a large and rounded stone, approx. 100 x 60 cm. It gives a metallic clear sound, close to a E5, with a slightly different divergent pitch depending on where you strike. The stone has no visible wear marks.

Cultural history and tradition
Apart from local inhabitants, no one has documented or told about this stone, although its sound is probably better than the well-known ringing stone by Sålell (No. 27).

Many thanks to Sylvelin Hege Sevilhaug



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