6. Hegg, Lærdal

The Bell Stone at Hegg

Type: Stone, place name
Local name: Klokkesteinen

County: Vestland
Municipality: Lærdal
Location: Hegg, Borgund

The stone is located in the forest on the hillside northeast of the farm Hegg, along Borgundsvegen between Steinklepp and Borlaug.

This solid boulder is placed 542 meters above sea level, at a small mountain shelf. At some point it must have come down from the mountain and landed right on this spot. The boulder is about seven meters long and five meters wide, with a height of four to five meters. It is flat at the top, and you can enter the top from the landscape above the stone (see picture). On the outside, the boulder protrudes out in the air, making an overhang.

Cultural history and tradition
The place name Klokkesteinen (The Bell Stone) was registered in the county archives of Sogn og Fjordane in the 1980s. Current farmer, Ole Tiemann Hegg (see photo) says that when they were playing in the area as children, they used to walk beneath the overhang of the stone. He has not heard any explanation as to why it is called Klokkesteinen, and nothing is recorded in the county archives. It could be a legend or a story that is now forgotten. The stone does not make any particular bell-like sound when you strike it, so ringing sound is certainly not the background for the name.

Thanks to Marit Johanne Hegg and Ole Tiemann Hegg.

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