8. Kvaløya, Grimstad

The Singing Stone at Kvaløya

Type: Ringing stone
Local name: Syngesteinen

County: Agder
Municipality: Grimstad
Location: Kvaløya, 4 km west of Grimstad

The stone is located in the settlement south on the island, in a scree on private land. Kvaløya, next to and north of Hesnesøya, has four permanent residents.

The oval stone is 50–60 cm long and protrudes about the same distance above the ground. Its location in a scree has most likely no significance for the sound properties of the stone. No other rocks in the area are ringing. The sound can be described as metallic, without a particularly long reverberation.

Cultural history and tradition
The singing stone is known by the locals, but there are no known stories or traditions connected to it.

Thanks to Line Murphy.



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