Magma Geopark

Upper Secondary School

Upper Secondary School

Guided tour with educator from Magma

Examples of locations for guided tour with pupils:

  • Blåfjell   (Sokndal kommune)
  • Brufjell (Flekkefjord kommune)
  • Eigerøy fyr (Eigersund kommune)
  • Gursli gruver (Lund kommune)
  • Solbjørgnipa (Bjerkreim kommune)

Other locations on request. The guided tours for schools are targeting the national curriculum in natural and social science. They focus on geological and cultural heritage, and these tours give the pupils opportunities to explore while they learn and at the same time stimulate all their senses. The Geopark also offers pre and post field work on request.


Archeologist for a day

Pupils will get the opportunity to do a scientific excavation in sand. We will go through the main methodics, like the use of squares and which tools an archaeologist will use to search and reveal their findings. We will also provide a general introduction to why archeologist excavate, and also present some of the most known findings and remains. The pupils will then do an excavation in field working in groups.

The workshop is also including: writing from different historical periods adapting on different alphabets systems and writing instruments.The workshop includes clay laboratories to develop, decorate, cook vases. The workshop also stimulate pupils to develop historical romance based on their own experience.


GeoVR with tasks

GeoVr is a brand new reality concept which allows us to explore the Earth’s geological history through photos, illustrations, sounds, technology and interactivity. The pupils will be able to travel to countries and continents far away, and to explore different landscapes and cultures with all senses activated.

Magma Geopark has developed tasks for the pupils that are connected to the travels in GeoVR. These can also be adjusted if schools wants a specific subject or natural curriculum goal highlighted.


TeachOut – the ESTEAM app

TeachOut is an application developed for teachers basically to use as a tool to get the pupils into the outdoor classroom. When teachers have been trained and been given a licence they can use TeachOut in all subjects and in all curricula. In Magma we can provide outdoor classroom teaching using the TeachOut app with pupils, focusing on natural science and social science curriculum.

TeachOut take advantage of new technologies and provide opportunities to use GPS and other interactive features to provide motivating and evolving tasks for pupils. Connecting Geoparks localities to the curricula goals the app increase the interest of the kids in natural science and support teachers in the teaching-learning process.


Tasks connected to the timeline in our office

In our office we have a timeline illustrating the time lapse from the origins of our planet 4,6 billion years ago and up until now. We have developed a set of tasks and questions for pupils to immerse themselves into the exciting history of the Earth.