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University & Adults

Geopark activities for University and adults

We have several activities and teaching tools for universities and adults. Contact us if you have any questions or want to check availability

Guided tour with educator from Magma

Other locations on request. Our guided tours for schools are most suitable for pupils from the age of 10 and older. We can adjust the content according to the national curriculum if teachers request a tour for younger pupils.

The guided tours for schools are targeting the national curriculum in natural and social science. They focus on geological and cultural heritage, and these tours give the pupils opportunities to explore while they learn and at the same time stimulate all their senses. The Geopark also offers pre and post field work on request.

GeoVR with tasks

GeoVr is a brand new reality concept which allows us to explore the Earth’s geological history through photos, illustrations, sounds, technology and interactivity. The pupils will be able to travel to countries and continents far away, and to explore different landscapes and cultures with all senses activated.

Magma Geopark has developed tasks for the pupils that are connected to the travels in GeoVR. These can also be adjusted if schools wants a specific subject or natural curriculum goal highlighted. 

GeoVR is developed in cooperation with NORA.

TeachOut – the ESTEAM app

TeachOut is an application developed for teachers basically to use as a tool to get the pupils into the outdoor classroom. When teachers have been trained and been given a licence they can use TeachOut in all subjects and in all curricula. In Magma we can provide outdoor classroom teaching using the TeachOut app with pupils, focusing on natural science and social science curriculum.

TeachOut take advantage of new technologies and provide opportunities to use GPS and other interactive features to provide motivating and evolving tasks for pupils. Connecting Geoparks localities to the curricula goals the app increase the interest of the kids in natural science and support teachers in the teaching-learning process.

Treasure Hunt Games – The Magma Geopark APP

Play treasure hunt games in the Magma Geopark using your device with GPS and maps. Discover treasure locations, solve challenges and earn score. Play solo or compete in a multiplayer game with your colleges.

Download the game before you get outside. The game will show treasure locations. Go there, solve challenges and then move on to the next treasure.


Tasks connected to the timeline in our office

In our office we have a timeline illustrating the time lapse from the origins of our planet 4,6 billion years ago and up until now. We have developed a set of tasks and questions for pupils to immerse themselves into the exciting history of the Earth.

Tasks connected to the drifting of plates tectonic

Together with partners from Iceland, Canada, Northen Ireland, Ireland, Russia, Shetland we have developed educational material for explaning the plates tectonic movements in some of our Geopark locations.


GEOfood is the initiative lead by Magma Geopark for local food enteprises in UNESCO Global Geopark whihc decided to follow values of sustainability and support the achievement of UNSDGs.

GEOfood aims at increasing the knowledge of local people about the geological heritage and the importance of eating locally, education has a central role in order to achieve this goal.

We have developed videos and informative brochure regarding the importance of eating locally, preserving intangible heritage food traditions and educate new generations.

Tasks related to thin grinding of rocks in our office

Using a microscope, students can study thin templates of local rocks in our office. They will also have the opportunity to compare different rock samples, and they will be given tasks related to the thin grinders, supported by the Geopark staff. Bruchure is also available to learn about the unique minerals found in the Magma Geopark. The works of art are stones seen under a microscope.

Thin grinding is used to identify minerals, and to study mineral relations, textures and structures in rocks. Mineral companies, chemical composition (electron microscope or microprobe) and textures provide information about the temperature and pressure conditions in which the rock was formed and possibly later exposed to it.

Jøssingfjord Science Museum

Jøssingfjord Science Museum is currently under planning and construction at Helleren in Jøssingfjord, and is expected to be completed by autumn 2022. The museum wants to illustrate the connection between nature in the area, and the history of man and technology. The museum also wants to increase interest in science among children and young adults.
Magma Geopark is involved in the development of Jøssingfjord Science Museum since the real beginning in 2010, the c geological exhibition has been planned with support from the geopark and the Museum staff.  Magma will also have an office in this center, and our staff  be available for tours and teaching activities upon request.

E-Learning Resouces

 FAO E-learning platform

Magma Geopark cooperated with the Academy that offers over 400 multilingual certified e-learning courses, free of charge, as a global public good and is the result of a collaborative effort involving over 200 partners throughout the world.
The overall objective of the FAO elearning Academy is to strengthen the human capital, through the transfer of knowledge, skills and competences, in order to generate competent professionals able to face the global challenges.

Micro E-learning platform-Motimate

The Micro E-Learning platform developed within the UNESCO 2030 from all the Geopark´s municipalities is a interactive tool which allows local tourist providers and anyone interested to learn about the Geopark. The platform is an easy way to build up knowledge. The platform educational contents are developed thanks to the RURITAGE H2020 project.