#3 Experience Magma

Archaeology and historical sites

Magma Geopark is rich in ancient monuments and we have gathered the most interesting places to visit.

Select some of the places or complete the entire route in a few hours by car.

Common to all the places is that they are easily accessible.

Read more about each place under the map.





Helleristningene i Sokndal


Bue Gård / Solbjørgnipa

Fedrenes Minne Museum


Hedningeholmen (Pagans Islet)

A place for worshipping the old norse gods.

When Norway was christened, the people changed their god, but the actual worshipping continued at the same site. There has been a church here for the last thousand years. The beautiful Egersund Town Church dates back to the 1600s.

Adresse: Strandgaten, 4370 Egersund


Rock carvings at Varberg

Formidabel utsikt med historie

A centrally located recreational area with walking trail, information boards, and telescope, with the possibility of finding treasures such as compass roses dating to the 1600s and the 1800s, along with rock carvings dating to the Late Bronze Age (app. 1000–500 BCE).

Adresse: Varberg, 4370 Egersund



Steinsirkel fra jernalderen

A ring consisting of 16 vertical stones, which according to local legend dates back to the Viking Age (app. 800–1000 CE). However, studies show that the ring may actually be graves dating back to the Bronze Age, so the site is still a mystery.

Adresse: Skårabrekkå, 4370 Egersund



En gjenstand fra Jernalderen?

The origins of this male head figure is highly controversial, but today’s modern specialists are inclined to think that the head may be prehistoric – and that the Rossland area may have been a place of worship in the Early Iron Age (500 BCE to 500 CE).

Adresse: Rossland, 4380 Hauge i Dalane


Rock carvings in Sokndal

Historie fra bronsealderen

At the centre of Sokndal, you will find rock carvings consisting of at least seven boat
figures, one foot sole, and 16 cup marks dating to 1800–500 BCE.

Adresse: Malmbanen (Kattaberget), 4380 Hauge i Dalane


Helleren in Jøssingfjord

Et unikt kulturminne

Here, people have lived their lives sheltered by the rock for thousands of years. The two small rock houses beneath the massive cliff wall have no outer layer on their roofs, and
are truly special.

Adresse: Jøssingfjord, 4380 Hauge i Dalane


Bue Farm / Solbjørgnipa

Verdifulle funn fra Jernalderen

The remains of the Bue farmstead, dating back to 200–550 BCE, are easily visible and counted among the most valuable cultural heritage in Rogaland County. Bue Farm is a typical Iron Age farm.

Adresse: Fv102, 4387 Vikeså


Fedrenes Minne museum

Historien om Hidra

Find out more about Hidra’s history, from the Stone Age to modern times! There, you can see replicas from the Hæstad finds; arm and neck rings of gold dated to app. 800 CE, and
the “Hidra pickaxe”; an app. 8600-year-old walrus tooth.

Adresse: Grønnvikdalen 21, 4432 Hidrasund


Helleren in Lund


A Stone Age settlement close to E39 in Lund. It contains finds from the Norwegian Mesolithic Age (8100–4000 BCE). More rock shelters and other cultural heritage sites. The Singing Stone is also well worth a visit.

Adresse: Hellerenveien 2, 4463 Ualand